When you change address within Hof van Twente or when you’ve moved from another city in the Netherlands to Hof van Twente, you have to let us know your new address. You can register your change of address online (Page is in in Dutch)

Register your change of address at the council office

You can also register your change of address in person at the council office. In that case you need to make an appointment. For this appointment you need to bring:

  • a valid identification (passport, identity card or driving licence)

Notify us on time

Other government agencies also access your personal details based on your registration in the Dutch Population Register. That is why you need to register your change of address on time. You can register your change of address before you actually move. This notification can be submitted up to four weeks in advance, but no more than five days after the move.

After the moving date we will pass on your change of address to other government agencies.

Moving to another town or city within the Netherlands

You must notify the district that you are moving to that you will be moving there.
When you’ve let your new district know we will remove your active registration.

Moving from or to another country

When you’re moving from another country you have to make an appointment at the council offices to go over a few details. Please call: 0547-858585 to make an appointment.
When you move to another country you have to notify us. You can do this online (Page is in Dutch)